Thursday, July 12, 2007

From Right or Left, Fred Fails on the Facts

It doesn't matter which side of the political spectrum you're on these days to see that Thompson, even though he's is/isn't a lawyer anymore, can still mince his words like a criminal defense attorney. Whether its The Right's Field or TalkLeft, blogs are picking up on the Thompson Series of Spin about his lobbying he did for a Pro-Choice group. If at first you can't deny, try, try again, or lie, or say you can't recollect, or if that doesn't work try to blame it on being a lawyer. Great, at this point my head is starting to hurt - I can't keep track of where this is going, but then, that's probably what he's going for. But too bad there are people out there good enough to give us a little perspective:

"In the July 7 LAT story, Thompson spokesman Mark Corallo firmly rejected charges that Thompson had lobbied in support of the pro-choice group. 'Fred Thompson did not lobby for this group, period,' he said

In response to a Huffington Post inquiry today [[July 11]] however, Corallo was more equivocal: 'He said he has no recollection of doing any work and does not recall lobbying anyone on it.'"

What's coming next? We can only guess, but my money is his "don't judge a lawyer by his clients" defense won't hold up - but I'm not stopping until we find out "What did the Thompson know, and when did he know it."

And here's the Thompson audio from his Hannity interview shared on the Huffington Post just for fun and so you can hear flip actually flopping:

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