Friday, July 6, 2007

Well, well, well

Apparently I'm famous. Jim Geraghty who writes the "Campaign Spot" at National Review, and who previously wrote the same blog when it was called "Hillary Spot" and "Kerry Spot" and "TKS" and probably will change the name again very soon, caught wind of this blog earlier in the week. Here's what he said:

June 16, some anonymous critic of Fred Thompson sets up "The Anti-Fred" at (Knox Pooley was the name of the white supremacist villain who FDT played on Wiseguy a long while back; I thought only Los Angeles Times writers were dumb enough to mix up fiction and non-fiction.)

Har. And I thought National Review writers were too smart to mix up snark as commentary. Oh well.

If the Fred Thompson campaign implodes under the weight of the new facts about his Watergate record, or even under the weight of some interesting but so far unsubstantiated charges, then Knox Pooley can just go back to being a work of fiction.

But I strongly resent the implication that I am some kind of dirty trick. This blog does have to be anonymous. I can't say who I am because I know I couldn't blog without getting in trouble. A lot of bloggers are like that. This does not mean we are sneaky or suspicious. In fact there is more truth in anonymity because we are not constrained by having to answer for the truths we tell.

Well, here is a truth: The Republicans cannot simply nominate another good ol' boy charmer in 2008 and expect to win. Especially one whose best credential is pretending to be people with actual credentials. Has the GOP become a regional party? Sometimes I wonder.

And I won't take back my comment in the first psot about the top tier being "Rudy McRomney" but the truth is I would prefer someone with the proven competency of Romney to the unproven incompetency of Fred! Thompson. But that's not an endorsement of Romney. I am not for a moment convinced he is a real conservative. But nor is Fred.

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